GIT repositories

My hacking projects can be found in my GIT repositories.

Most of the important projects are mirrored on github and bitbucket.

GIT is an advanced Source Code Manager. It's shipped with most Linux distributions. To install it on Debian Linux, issue the following command:

apt-get install git

The GIT repositories are available via native GIT protocol. To clone (retrieve) one of my GIT repositories, enter the following command:

git clone git://

It will download and checkout the REPOSITORY. To update and fetch latest changes, issue the following command inside of the cloned tree:

git pull

The PGP key used to sign GIT tags and software releases is 5FB027474203454C. It can be obtained from most public key servers like or directly from this site.

The key fingerprint is:

757F AB7C ED18 14AE 15B4  836E 5FB0 2747 4203 454C
Updated: Sunday 24 July 2016 10:10 (UTC)
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