Desktop CNC mill
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This homemade CNC mill is based on a conventional Proxxon FF230 mini mill. The X and Y joints are modified for CNC compatibility and the Z joint is replaced by a custom design.

The microcontroller firmware controlling this machine is completely Open Source and freely available under libre license (GPL). The software system to control the machine via standard G-code is LinuxCNC, which is available for free, too.

There are 7 microcontrollers running self made software to control the mill:

Image preview of cnc-mill-frontview.png Image preview of cnc-mill-closeview.png
Image preview of cnc-mill-topview.png

A part of the custom Z joint's moving carriage with the aligned surface manually scraped into shape:

Image preview of z-joint-carriage.png

Some aluminum pieces produced on the machine:

Image preview of griff.png Image preview of griff2.png Image preview of alupiece.png

Copyright (C) Michael Büsch
Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 . See the sourcecode for details.

Updated: Tuesday 12 March 2024 19:10 (UTC)
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