Welcome to 'bues.ch'

This is a collection of various Open Source projects, such as a Step 7 compatible AWL/STL Soft-PLC, a CNC remote control, a Razer device configurator for Linux, a soldering station firmware and many other exciting projects.


If you want to contribute to any project, please read our contribution guidelines first. That will help you save a lot of time and keep wasted effort minimal.

You are encouraged to use the HTTPS protocol to access this site. This will encrypt all traffic securely. A self-signed certificate is used, that your browser will ask you to acknowledge, when used for the first time.

Dual IPv4/6 access (A and AAAA record) is available via all (sub)domains on bues.ch.
IPv6-only access (AAAA record) is available via six.bues.ch.
If you encounter any problems with services on this server, contact me, please.

The CMS used for this site is a custom WSGI/Python3 based solution with a filesystem based database. It focuses on easy maintainability of the database with standard text editors.

Latest bleeding edge cms can be downloaded using the Git version control system as follows:

git clone git://git.bues.ch/cms.git

or by downloading the cms snapshot archive.
To browse the Git repository online, go to the gitweb interface.
A mirror of the repository is available on Github and on Bitbucket.
If you want to contribute to cms, please read the contribution guidelines first.

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